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Performance Enhancement – and It’s Legal!

By now we have all heard more than our collective share of horror stories surrounding players’ use of illegal, performance enhancing substances (IPES). As much as leagues, commissioners, state associations, and schools try to stop their prevalence, they still seem to find their way into young athletes’ hands, not to mention their blood streams.

Well, the creators of the LifeWave patch system might have a solution to the vexing IPES problem. The company markets its product as “software for the human body.” NJB Magazine recently caught up with two of the company’s leading proponents, Dr. Steve Haltiwanger and Charley Lodes, who shared some of the secrets behind the growing field of nanotechnology.

Dr. Haltiwanger explained that the LifeWave application of nanotechnology enhances “the body’s natural way of energizing and healing itself.” By using organic materials that already exist in the human body, nanotechnology enhances naturally occurring, bodily functions that regulate and help manage pain; engender deep, relaxing sleep; enhance energy; and, produce cleansing anti-oxidants.

As the company’s website states, LifeWave emphasizes “personalimprovement technology that helps people to feel great and live well.” Adhesive patches that people wear on their skin send radio frequencies into targeted areas of the body that trigger the body’s natural processes for burning fat, reducing pain, increasing energy, and inducing sleep.

Dr. Haltiwanger further explains that the LifeWave patches placed on acupuncture points absorb body heat that then triggers the emitting of “electronic signals to enhance bodily functions.” Specifically with the Energy Enhancer patch, the signal to the body is to burn fat for energy, this being the most efficient resource of the body for sustained energy. Dr. Haltiwanger empathized that “no chemicals enter the body via the patches,” either through the clothing or directly through the skin. He underscored the company’s slogan, that LifeWave provides “software for the human body.”

Charley Lodes, who played as a middle infielder in the Chicago Cubs organization “in the early 1960s,” described some of the research studies that have taken place or are still underway regarding use of the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches. One of the more notable studies he mentions occurred at a large midwestern university, where it was found that improvement of strength and endurance or “recovery time from heavy exercise was improved from 20%--45% in 50%-60% of the cases” investigated.

People who wore the “IceWave” patch showed a “cooling effect on hot spots” where they experienced pain, such as due to a sprained ankle. Without the patch, the pain inflicted area of the body was “3 to 5 degrees warmer” than with it. People who wore the patch had reduced inflammation and reports have been received of “20%-45% faster return” to normalcy.

Coach Lodes also mentioned that the LifeWave Company is registered with the Federal Drug Administration. Most of the products developed by LifeWave are produced in facilities approved by the FDA. The NCAA sanctioned in 2005 the use of the IceWave patch for collegiate training rooms.

Many individual professional athletes are wearing the Lifewave energy patch to enhance their performance including baseball players. Major League Baseball, he said, has adopted a “wait-and-see” approach, until the new technology becomes generally accepted in the scientific community and in the court of public opinion.

As you might expect, NJB Magazine’s interest in nanotechnology stems from the scourge of IPES that has threatened and continues to threaten the greatest game on earth, along with the young athletes who play the game. With the emergence of this exciting, new technology, young baseball players may never feel the urge to use IPES for any reason, at any level. What’s more, the temptation will disappear for athletes in any sport, not just players of baseball.

Those who saw the special report on energy drinks that aired on network television this past October know that, despite the growing vigilance for IPES, well-financed, unscrupulous manufacturers will always try to capitalize on the hype and sizzle that catches young people’s eyes and interest. The current proliferation of energy drinks demonstrates that omnipresent, often sinister, marketing strategy all too well.

As the televised news piece proclaimed, “An estimated 30% of teenagers now consume so-called energy drinks which contain little more than abundant amounts of caffeine, sugar, and ephedra.” With this kind of public onslaught on the television, radio, and electronic airwaves, is it any wonder that IPES threatens the purity of athletic competition, not to mention the physical well being of our young athletes?

Another LifeWave company spokesperson and proponent, Richard W. Quick, Stanford University Women’s Swimming Coach and Head USA Olympic Coach 1988, 1996, 2000 states:

“The patches work exactly as advertised by the company. They provide energy, strength and the ability to focus. All the things that are critical to athletic performance and everyday performance for all of us. One of the very best aspects of the patches is that nothing enters the body, therefore, there are no side effects.”

New Jersey Baseball encourages all its readers, especially parents and coaches, to make special efforts to influence what our young athletes put, and should avoid putting, into their developing bodies. Only in this way can we hope to preserve the untainted essence of sports competition.



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