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Walter Kazar

Aus Em Plumbing and
Heating Services

As kids, our baseball heroes come in all shapes and sizes. It really does not matter who they are, the teams they played for, or what their achievements were on the field, all we cared about was how we could emulate them.

Such is the case with Walter Kazar of Aus Em Plumbing and Heating Services. He talks wistfully of his years as a young adolescent working for his father as a “tool carrier.” At twelve years-old, he could not yet perform the complex plumbing and heating jobs that were his Dad’s stock in trade. Still, being able to help Dad by carrying the tools he needed while he worked was as special as working as a batboy for Murderers’ Row.

Walter learned at a young age that precision and integrity count in business, just as they do when turning the double play. A batter at the professional level has only a fraction of a second to decide whether or not to swing at a pitch. As Walter puts it, “It takes only thirty seconds to make a lasting impression.”

Thirty seconds is about as long as it takes, for example, to leave a job – such as buffing a piece of newly installed copper pipe – looking neat and clean. “At Aus Em Services we set a high standard for our work through attention to detail. When we’re finished with a job, everything has to work, and it has to look good.”

By adhering to these criteria on every job, however large or small, Aus Em Services enjoys strong working relationships with home inspectors and township construction officials. Hank Aaron, owner of the major league home run record for 33 years, used to say that he let his bat do the talking for him. Similarly, Walter Kazar’s mantra is that “the quality of the work reflects the integrity of the worker.”

Aus Em Plumbing and Heating Services offers competitive rates and honors its commitment to “always do the job right.” If they make a mistake or overlook a detail, they “will fix it or redo the job, at no extra cost to the customer, so that it’s up to standard.”

Visit Walter and the Aus Em Services team at their new Flemington location, located at 68 Route 31 North or go to You’ll be happy with the friendly faces you meet there and the quality service that Walter Kazar learned at the feet of his boyhood hero.


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